Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kinley Apologizes

my Mother's Day 2012 card from Kinley

Faithful readers, even though I have already posted about the last day of the school year, I still have lots more to post.  I went through a kind of a writing slump for a couple of months during the year (due in part to an injured thumb), so I have a backlog that I intend to post this summer.

Did you read the note in the picture above?  Isn't it precious?  It meant so much to me that she would write those last two lines.  For her to acknowledge that she'd been mean to me was a pretty big deal, and notice the TRIPLE underlines under the greats?  That must be good, right?

This doesn't exactly undo all the exasperated sighs, rolled eyes, and stomping exits, but it certainly helps.  

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Lanita said...

Of course she adores you! I admire you both for the way you've handled the last two years.